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Fajo has been active as a DJ in and around his hometown Marktheidenfeld for over 8 years now and is well known beyond the borders of the district. His style is not to be grasped, with him everything comes to the ears what makes mood, which is also reflected in his motto:
"Fxck Genres - Everything Vibe"

Fajo works as a graphic designer and therefore always attaches importance to a good presentation to the outside world. The logical conclusion was also a certain interest in fashion, starting with the hottest sneakers to the most sought-after streetwear brands on the market. Now it was finally time for him to become active in this field himself and here it is, the FAJO SEASON01 "THE VIBE THEORY".


"THE VIBE". That's what it's all about. No genre. No genders. No religions. No skin colors. It's about the common wavelength, the common interest in something you can't touch. A theory that runs through all areas of Fajo's life and is also reflected in his music. No matter if Hip-Hop, EDM, 80s, 90s, Dancehall, House or other genres, the only thing that counts for him is the VIBE.


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  • Sneaker White High
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  • Tee Unisex
  • Hoodie
  • Zipper Hoodie
  • Longsleeve Tee Unisex
  • Sweatshirt
  • Women Crop Tee
  • Women Box Tee
  • Women College Hoodie
  • Women Fashion Sweatshirt
  • Superga Cotu Classic
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  • Sneaker White Low x
  • Sneaker Black High x
  • Tee Unisex x
  • Hoodie x
  • Zipper Hoodie x
  • Longsleeve Tee Unisex x
  • Sweatshirt x
  • Women Crop Tee x
  • Women Box Tee x
  • Women College Hoodie x
  • Women Fashion Sweatshirt x
  • Superga Cotu Classic x
  • Watercolor x
  • Flower x
  • Statement x
  • Batik x
  • Camouflage x
  • Wedding x
  • H. Mühlbauer-Gardemin x
  • Creightivist x
  • Star Sign x
  • ME.FTD x
  • Fajo SEASON01 x
  • Skyline x
  • GarageTime x
  • Nashi x
  • Mandala x
  • Boho x
  • Basic x
  • Manufique x
  • Xmas x
  • Vika Adler x
  • Superga x
  • Sp88dball x
  • Romina Rosa x
  • Club Tropicana x
  • Martin Luisi x
  • SpeedJunkie x
  • The Black & White Series x
  • Eightball x
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More about Fajo as DJ

With DJ Fajo there's little that doesn't work. He had his musical beginnings in 2012 with EDM and Dubstep, until a short time later he developed his love for Reggae & Dancehall and his repertoire was finally completed with Hip-Hop. A mix of these genres still forms the basis for his club set, true to the motto: FXCK GENRES - EVERYTHING VIBE.

One year after his first public club gig, Fajo was recruited by the local sound system Thundersoul HiPowa and soon played shows in Fulda, Mönchengladbach and Regensburg. In the course of time he managed to play gigs in almost all hip locations and clubs in his region, with the highlight being 2019:
The participation at the DJ Contest of Spring Break Island in Croatia.

2012: First public club gig
2013: Recording with Thundersoul HiPowa
2015: Part of the Magic Beat Night Resident Team
2019: Performance at Spring Break Island in Croatia
2019: Own party series "Everything Vibe

References (excerpt)
Rocks Beach Club (Zrce Beach/Kroatien)
Airport (Würzburg)
Projekt 42 (Mönchengladbach)
Oettinger Villa (Darmstadt)
MannyGreen (Würzburg)
NeidClub (Fulda)
Club Katze (Würzburg)
Alte Mälzerei (Regensburg)
Lichtspielhaus (Marktheidenfeld)
C‘est la Vie (Wertheim)
Club Ludwig (Würzburg)