From international galleries to your shoeHolger Mühlbauer-Gardemin

Screeching colors, wild splashes of paint on old chipboard, that again and again photographed, mixed with real images in digital art form brought together, that is the way Mühlbauer-Gardemin works for this special art. This type of art consists of digital and manual materials (painting), which are also processed digitally and ultimately by acrylic paint be refined. Born in Wilhelmshaven (North Sea Coast, Friesland) From childhood on creative in the field of design and art Training as graphic designer Studied at the Bremen Academy of Graphics and Digital Art


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Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin is strongly influenced by pop culture, everyday observations and often comments on people in society. His works are statements and an open invitation to reflect on current social issues.

Screeching colors, wild splashes of color

On the occasion of the 75th birthday of Hans Peter Korff, who gained notoriety especially in the role of Siggi Drombusch through the ZDF series "These Drombuschs", Mühlbauer portrayed the actor together with his wife, Christiane Leuchtmann. He was chosen as Cup Artist of the Year 2017 for the Wilhelmshaven Sailing Cup, which was hosted by Mühlbauer's hometown. Traditionally, a picture selected by the artist or specially made adorns the participants' certificates. Mühlbauer opted for his work of art "AHOI", which in abstract form is a sailor with maritime insignia. B. whistle, hat with anchor, sailing ship with Jolly Roger shows. A milestone on Mühlbauer's career path is the Hannover Art Show (November 2017), where he presented his works together with top-class artists such as Picasso, Warhol and Beuys for the first time. Mühlbauer-Gardemin received special media attention in the WirtschaftsWoche through the sale of his work "Der Feuervogel" to his namesake, Managing Director of the Federal Association for IT Security e. V. (TeleTrust) Holger Muehlbauer. In the variety of colors of the picture, a hallmark of Mühlbauer-Gardemins, Dr. Ing. Mühlbauer a parallel ("common denominator") between the effect of the work and the range of competencies of the association led by him.

2015 Exhibition in the main branch Sparkasse Wilhelmshaven (Kunstgang), FOTOPOPART
2016 Exhibition at Golfclub Wilhelmshaven, FOTOPOPART
2016 Exhibition in the gallery Pashmin Art (Hamburg), FOTOPOPART
2016 Exhibition in the Portuguese Quarter (Hamburg), FOTOPOPART
2016 Div. open studio days
2016 exhibition in the Suedstadt-Galerie (Wilhelmshaven), FOTOPOPART, painting meets photography
2017 Exhibition at the Coastal Museum (Wilhelmshaven), PHOTOPOPART, "Do you want to go sailing with me". Group exhibition with Rainer Fetting, Ernst Volland, Helmut Hertrampf, u.a.
2017 Exhibition at Wanner & Lach, (Wilhelmshaven), FOTOPOPART, painting meets photography
2017 Exhibition in the art gallery Morandell in Bolzano, Italy, PHOTOPOPART, painting meets photography
2017 Gallery contract with in Hamburg, FOTOPOPART, painting meets photography
2017 gallery contract with Galerie Ewa Helena in Hamburg Pöseldorf, FOTOPOPART, painting meets photography
2017 Vernissage at the Hamburg Huus, St. Pauli Landungsbrücken / Vorsetzen 50, FOTOPOPART
2017 Vernissage in Hamburg, Gallery of the Levante House, FOTOPOPART
2017 Exhibition at Galerie Elitzer, Saarbrücken, oldest gallery in southwest Germany, 1851, FOTOPOPART
2017 Exhibition FOTOPOPART by Yard Art, Diedel Klöver, Varel
2017 exhibition SUEDBAR Wilhelmshaven, maritime POPART
2017 publication on (HAMBURG / SHANGHAI)
2017 Exhibition at the Gallery64 in Bremen-Schwachhausen, Digital Art
2017 exhibition in the Wattenmeerhaus Wilhelmshaven, acrylic painting
2017 HANNOVER ART SHOW in Hanover on the sofa Loft, joint exhibition, u.a. with works by Picasso, Warhol and Beuys
2017 exhibition at Dockenhuden-S in Hamburg-Blankenese
2017 Gallery • Glashüttenstrasse 105 • 20357 Hamburg
2018 joint exhibition Oldtimer petrol station Brandshof, Hamburg
2018 Joint exhibition at the Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg
2018 BKW - Bützflether Art Weekend, Fortress Grauerort - Stade - North German Art
2018 Gallery • Glashüttenstrasse 105 • 20357 Hamburg Exhibition #hot #summer
2018 joint exhibition as part of the Media Art Show in the gallery Ewa Helena, Milky Way, Pöseldorf, Hamburg
2019 joint exhibition "Cartoon City" in the gallery Hamburg
2019 Group exhibition "Cuvée surprise", organized by the gallery Hamburg in the wineBANK Hamburg
2019 joint exhibition "AFRICONOGRAPHY", organized by the gallery Hamburg
2019 Art Exhibition, largest pop art festival in Europe, "POPKISS", in Schleswig, hosted by the gallery Hamburg
2019 Buxtehude Art Days, in Buxtehude, Fotopopart Wilhelmshaven.
2019 WineBANK Hamburg, vernissage with pictures about the champagne manufacturer TAITINGER.

And that works well! What also works with us are the colors. A few shades of gray, a little pastel. Glorious. Retaining used, but with a good feel for the combination. The drawing is his medium, but also a lot of street art and murals can be found from Peter in London, Copenhagen, Regensburg and many other cities around the globe. Meanwhile, he lives and works in Vienna and from there for numerous magazines and brands in Europe. Most recently he has prepared a solo exhibition in New York. A book is currently being planned and planned for 2018 exhibitions in Hamburg and Bilboa.

The germ of his art: a spacious studio in Wilhelmshaven. In his work today, many art movements merge, but they all combine digital and analogue painting. It is precisely the mixture of the different worlds that inspires Mühlbauer-Gardemin. The craftsmanship with canvases, brushes and paint as well as the creation of completely new worlds on the computer. Both have their own fascination and are not mutually exclusive. Mühlbauer-Gardemin is proof of that. Whenever the artist surrenders to his passion, he feels free. It is his own scenes, mental games, emotions, social statements, satirical criticism and profound opinions that are reflected in his works. Art as an expression of inner emotional world, as a transmitter of serious and satirical thoughts of current situations in society and politics. In exhibitions, those interested in art can see their works from close quarters, let themselves be drawn into a world full of contrasts, bright colors and colorful landscapes, be inspired, reflect on content and testimony, or drift away from sight alone. According to Wikipedia is considered in the scene as a promising newcomer. In 2017, his hometown elected him Cup Artist of the Year. His style blends well-known art movements and never arise. His art is different, new, modern. It invites you to reflect, to entertain, to provoke, to care as well as to smile. The world loves its cheeky and own kind. At the latest with the Hannover Art Show in November 2017 Mühlbauer-Gardemin is in the scene a term. At that time he was able to present his works for the first time alongside objects and paintings of art icons such as Beuys, Picasso and Warhol. Also because Fotopopart digital and analog painting meets the nail of today and his style of presentation is more modern than ever. A milestone that makes it clear that you will probably hear a lot more about this man, or rather see you.