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We recommend configuring your sneaker with the latest version of Chrome. Please understand that the presentation, upload times, and functionality of the timeliness of your browser, the Internet connection and your operating system are dependent.

1. How long does the delivery take?
The production of your order takes about 10 working days. In addition there is the shipping.

2. Can I track the package status?
We ship with DHL or GLS, with the completion of your order you will be sent a tracking number by mail. So you can track your package.


3. Which payment methods are there?
We offer PayPal, credit card, Sofortüberweisung, PayDirekt, Klarna and GiroPay as payment methods.

4. Can I customize each side individually?
Yes, you can customize each side (inside and outside), the tongue and the back in our configurator individually to your liking. Only the printed areas are billed.

6. What are the optimal image sizes and what do I have to look for?
Two-dimensional images of the entire shoe side with at least 1000 pixels in size (width and / or height) are suitable. PNG and JPG are the best formats. Images over 10 MB can not be loaded.

7. What shoe size do I need?
Have a look at our size chart to determine your size. We recommend the sneaker, due to the removable sole, take a size larger.

8. The color is not identical to the one on my monitor.
Colors are displayed on a monitor in RGB and converted to CMYK when uploading to our system. We have profiled the printing systems in such a way that hardly any color differences can be seen here. However, depending on the picture, it is unfortunately not completely excluded that colors may differ slightly. Tone-in-tone images may appear slightly blurry. The canvas fabric and leaves it easily fade and is therefore not a reason for complaint.

9. The colors in the print preview do not look like in my picture.
Unfortunately, our system can not process all color spectra. Some .jpg files are therefore displayed as negative in the print preview. If you have the possibility to edit your picture (for example with MSPaint, GraphicConverter or Photoshop), save it as a .bmp file. This can be recognized by our configurator.

10. Optimize pixel graphics for printing

Pixel graphics are multi-coloured images or photos that consist of individual pixels (picture elements). The pixels are arranged in a grid, hence the term "raster graphics". Color information is assigned to each pixel, from the sum of which the image is created. At Creightivist, pixel graphics are used as artwork for digital printing. In order that we can achieve a perfect printing result with your graphic, please note the following tips:

Requirements for your pixel design

File format PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF

Maximum file size 10 MB

Minimum image resolution 200 dpi

Maximum allowed size 4000 x 4000 pixels

Optimize image resolution

Photos or graphics in PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP format consist of pixels (image dots) arranged in a grid, to which several colour information is assigned. The number of pixels in width and height later also determines the size of the print.

We print textiles with 200 dpi. The abbreviation dpi stands for dots per inch, i.e. information about the density of the pixels. For example, a 1000 pixel wide graphic that is printed with 200 dpi results in a 12,7 cm wide design. A 2000 pixel wide graphic, printed at 200 dpi, results in a 25 cm wide design, and so on.

A design with a low pixel width or height (e.g. 800 x 600 pixels) can therefore not easily be enlarged (to about 12 x 10 cm or more) without loss of quality. The print would probably look blurry and blurred due to the "missing" pixels at the end. Therefore only upload designs with sufficient resolution and pixel count. We recommend 200 dpi and a maximum of 4000 x 4000 pixels to avoid exceeding the maximum file size of 10 MB.

11. How accurate is the print result?
Our printing workshop always does its best, but please note the following points:
Your motive is placed manually on your product, it can lead to minimal deviations.
Your uploaded image will not be edited by us graphically.
Your colors may differ slightly from the screen view.

12. Can I wash the sneaker?
We recommend a hand wash with lukewarm water. Best pretreated with the Empire Dirtblocker creightivist.com/en/care-products, then your pair stays clean for a long time!

13. Exchange
Each item will be produced according to the order of the selected motif, color and size only after ordering and is therefore excluded from exchange. Please note the size chart in the configurator.