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Sneakers are popular as never!

For the track, in the office and on more official occasions, the sports shoes can be seen.

The choice of materials, colors and designs is inexhaustible. For every outfit there is now the right sneaker. The newly acquired Grails should of course remain as long as possible a feast for the eyes and yet we are convinced that every shoe, no matter how rare, belongs on the foot and on the street. Because that's what they are made for! Here we reveal some tips on how to clean and care for your beloved sneakers with little effort.

Impregnate sneakers - The first step of sneaker care

Not only against wet feet. Impregnated sneakers stay clean and simply last longer.
When you impregnate your sneakers, they should be one thing above all: waterproof. 
But a good impregnation does much more: it keeps your shoes clean. It prevents dirt from penetrating the inside of the material along with the liquid.
PROTECTING SPRAY protects your sneakers from water AND dirt - with our already legendary carbon technology.

So your shoes not only stay clean and dry. They also last longer.

Clean sneaker soles

White sneaker soles look simply great and the sight of a snow-white midsole of a new sneaker makes not only the heart of a sneakerhead beat faster. But unfortunately, only as long as the floral white has not turned into a gray-beige. Once that is the case, you need a little more time to clean the sneaker soles. But don't worry, even heavily soiled soles will look like new afterwards - provided you use the right tools and cleaning products.
You clean the midsole of a sneaker in three steps: dry cleaning, maintenance and impregnation. First, remove coarse dirt with a brush and a soft gum dirt eraser. For the actual cleaning, apply MIDSOLE CLEANER with the CLEANING BRUSH or a POLISHING CLOTH. After a short exposure time, remove the product along with the dirt with the brush or cloth and wipe with a slightly damp cloth.
So that the sneaker soles do not become darker with frequent use, impregnation spray helps.
By the way, the agent also protects the bright rubber sole from sunlight. Because UV light is the aging factor for white sneaker soles par excellence. So not only the upper material of your sneakers needs some attention and care.

Clean sneakers - The upper

Not only on December 5, but also during the rest of the year, you should regularly clean dirty sneakers.

Where dirt particles have penetrated textiles, often only wet cleaning of the entire shoe helps. Collonil carries the cleaning care foam CARBON CLEANING FOAM in its online store. With it, you can clean all sneaker materials quickly and without effort and free them from dirt adhesion. Whether smooth leather, suede, textile or synthetic; the sneaker will be clean and long-lasting care.

Last but not least, regular impregnation, e.g. with CARBON PROTECTING SPRAY, is necessary to keep your sneakers looking like new for a long time.