Tie Dye, aka Batik is the mega trend of this spring. Throwback to the 70ies ....

Of course we also have to have it in the program. We love it.

Take a look and let yourself be inspired

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  • Sneaker White High
  • Sneaker White Low
  • Sneaker Black High
  • Tee Unisex
  • Hoodie
  • Zipper Hoodie
  • Longsleeve Tee Unisex
  • Sweatshirt
  • CharityShirt
  • Women Crop Tee
  • Women Box Tee
  • Sneaker White High x
  • Sneaker White Low x
  • Sneaker Black High x
  • Tee Unisex x
  • Hoodie x
  • Zipper Hoodie x
  • Longsleeve Tee Unisex x
  • Sweatshirt x
  • CharityShirt x
  • Women Crop Tee x
  • Women Box Tee x
  • Watercolor x
  • Flower x
  • Statement x
  • Batik x
  • Camouflage x
  • Wedding x
  • H. Mühlbauer-Gardemin x
  • Creightivist x
  • Star Sign x
  • ME.FTD SS20 x
  • Fajo SEASON01 x
  • Skyline x
  • GarageTime x
  • Nashi x
  • Mandala x
  • Boho x
  • Basic x
  • Manufique x
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BATIK dream high
Let´s go
BATIK dream low
Let´s go
BATIK gettin high
Let´s go
BATIK gettin low
Let´s go
BATIK high hopes
Let´s go
BATIK low hopes
Let´s go
BATIK mystic high
Let´s go
BATIK mystic low
Let´s go
BATIK fly high
Let´s go
BATIK fly low
Let´s go
BATIK feelin pink high
Let´s go
BATIK feelin blue high
Let´s go
BATIK deep sea high
Let´s go
BATIK feelin blue low
Let´s go
BATIK feelin pink low
Let´s go
BATIK deep sea low
Let´s go