The term "boho"  or rather "bohème" 

originates from an intellectual demarcation in France, which stands for creative free spirit.

Artists in particular find themselves in this lifestyle and celebrate their sense of freedom with a decidedly casual lifestyle

and that already since the middle of the 19th century


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  • Sweatshirt
  • Women Crop Tee
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  • Women College Hoodie
  • Women Fashion Sweatshirt
  • Superga Cotu Classic
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  • Sneaker White Low x
  • Sneaker Black High x
  • Tee Unisex x
  • Hoodie x
  • Zipper Hoodie x
  • Longsleeve Tee Unisex x
  • Sweatshirt x
  • Women Crop Tee x
  • Women Box Tee x
  • Women College Hoodie x
  • Women Fashion Sweatshirt x
  • Superga Cotu Classic x
  • Watercolor x
  • Flower x
  • Statement x
  • Batik x
  • Camouflage x
  • Wedding x
  • H. Mühlbauer-Gardemin x
  • Creightivist x
  • Star Sign x
  • ME.FTD x
  • Fajo SEASON01 x
  • Skyline x
  • GarageTime x
  • Nashi x
  • Mandala x
  • Boho x
  • Basic x
  • Manufique x
  • Xmas x
  • Vika Adler x
  • Superga x
  • Sp88dball x
  • Romina Rosa x
  • Club Tropicana x
  • Martin Luisi x
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